About us

One association, many hearts. Polina Kreidi IN DEBT skolinga Asociacija „Katu su Afrika“


Association “Kartu su Afrika” has as ambition to cover the entire continent in the lights of getting the best aspiring young talented football players who would at the same time study and develop their football skills.

We will have more partnerships with Academies and clubs from different African countries.

Our idea is to enable this aspiring young talented children to have the unique opportunity in a professional manner to realize their dreams, we notably due to past experience want to help the international community in the everyday fight against illegal immigration by making sure through the canal of our association we would travel to Africa not base our judgements in videos. Scout those players , relate with them in their social life’s , making sure of their will and desire to achieve their goals before taking them to the embassy for visa procedures.

By so doing we would be sure, the young boys would be in accordance with our ideologies in relation to their dreams, while limiting illegal immigration in the best way possible in so far as sports is concerned.

While in Europe for the young aspiring talented players we would not only end our job in bringing them but we would make sure the contract they will obtain with clubs will garantie them much more than just a football season after which many things could occur.

Before creating our association we closely examined what are the wrongs and the rights we organized different seminars with players that have been abandoned in Europe we have two football players in our staff from Africa who are more than concerned with the subject and who best know the goods and the bads of the practice.

In terms of education we are actively securing deals with language schools so as to integrate them. In Panevezys exist already a school capable of giving  lessons in English language. But we are actively working so as to boost our agenda in that light.

Interested clubs in our offered profiles will have to collaborate with us in terms of paper work to bring the athletes to Europe all the charges would be incurred by us and we would have exclusive negotiations right on the athlete if trials are successful in a club.

Image rights would be detained by us and all that incurs in accordance with his Academy or manager.Nevertheless as the saying goes there is no cloud without silver lining so it’s every day life and project without negativity, it’s not our wish but in life it is important to prepare for both although minimizing the later.

If according to our team of experts made of qualified , coaches minimum UEFA B licence , our scouting agents certified by the federation we assume a player has the potential and we bring him to Europe if thinks don’t work out for him in the expected club for one reason or another we would take him to another and another due to our extended contact list. If still things don’t work out which would be a miracle we would take all necessary measures for him to return to Africa being accompanied by our staff.

We are working in line with the immigration and laws of the country so as to secure our chances.

We are providing sufficient funds notably from our partners so as to be financially independent of our actions.

Like our players, we’re determined, and we know we can always do better. Every day, we look at how we can improve ourselves, both on and off the pitch.


Prestige Football Academy (South Africa)
Green Stars academy (Cameroon)
FC Riga All Stars
FK Panevezys